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At GSA we work hard to take the stress out of recruitment for our clients. Whether you are looking for a new position or have a position to fill, we bridge the gap between client and candidate by bringing quality people and companies together. With a thorough understanding of the hospitality industry and all the major players, our years of combined experience makes us the obvious choice.

This strong understanding comes from our personal and specialised approach. Our consultants all hold actual experience in the fields in which they recruit giving them an in-depth knowledge of the roles’ requirements.

Most importantly we regard both our clients and candidates as part of the GSA team.

We visit every client, meeting and personally getting to know the key executives within each organization. We gain valuable insight into the culture of the client’s company and become familiar with the role to be filled.

All of our candidates are treated as the quality professionals they are, and in each case we really listen to what they are looking for. As a result we understand the people we are dealing with, their philosophies and the direction they want to take. Even if it takes a bit more time, we insist that only the best interests of our clients and candidates are considered, resulting in the best working combination possible.

Confidentiality is absolutely assured and each placement is fully guaranteed.


What we offer:

Database of more than 12,000 candidates

Constant travel carrying out onsite searching for top candidates, keeping us, and you, up to date

Global network of contacts through organizations, trade associations, and independents

Position profiles for you to check on our website

Affiliate partners with hospitality associations and consultancies in Australia, Dubai, London, Singapore and South Africa giving us a truly global reach


How an international search works:

We conduct thorough research into 30-40 potential properties for our outstanding candidates

We interview each candidate checking technical competence and personal compatibility

We carry out psychometric tests to reveal personality traits and work style, if requested

We shortlist the 3-5 strongest candidates and email CVs along with a digital photograph, website addresses of current and former employers and one reference check

After receiving all feedback, we conduct a second interview and ask additional specific questions where necessary

Candidates of interest undergo a second reference check

Upon interview selection we organize all travel arrangements, including visa, flight and hotel for the candidate’s interview with the client

Upon selection we stay in contact with both client and candidate and help iron out problems should they occur.


Other Areas:

We place pre-opening teams to facilitate the opening of a new hotel, putting into place operational procedures and standards, branding and marketing, consulting on concepts and outlet themes, setting up financial planning, management and future staff training.

We place consultant master chefs and their teams to open and generate highly reputable establishments. The restaurant staff are trained to the highest standard and the venue remains endorsed by the Master Chef once the team moves on.

We deal with various specialist hospitality companies and also designers, architects and general suppliers meaning we can source and select the best people, products and services for you.


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